Sunday, May 15, 2011

63 Independence

Hi, It's Shir and I'm very excited to post my first layout as part of CJS design team!

Few days ago we celebrated Israel's 63 Independence Day and last Friday we celebrated in my little girl's (Mor) kindergarten. After singing, dancing and other activities - each family got a balloon and a piece of paper, in order to make a wish, write it down, attach it to the balloon and release it in the open air.... There were many wishes for Israel that day: Peace, Hope, Love, Health for all, Happiness, etc. I wish Gil'ad Shalit will be able to join his family soon.... What's your wish??

My layout:

Happy Independence day!

I appreciate your comments!


  1. I love your layout! Great use of the cjs papers and elements.

  2. Such a cheerful bright layout using a limited color scheme.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Gilad and his family-may he be returned now!

  3. Beautiful LO. I love the hand written stitching (that's all I can do) and the punch out. I love the idea of the wish balloons and your wish was perfect.

  4. רק בהגדלה ראיתי שכתבת בלבן מתחת לבורדר.
    איזה יופי של דף!

  5. סחתיין מותק. בשעה טובה !
    מיאו :)