Sunday, May 29, 2011

June sketch

Hi, it's Shir again, sharing with you the June sketch challenge. The sketch was designed especially for CJS by Anam Stubbington:

4 DT members have joined forces for this one, I hope it will inspire you :-)

Lisa designed a rich and full of details Passover layout:
Maya designed a layout for Shavu'ot (I enjoy seeing Hebrew in layouts!!):
Louise designed a classic Passover layout (I say 'classic' because she used the Passover papers):
And here's my layout: I used Rosh Hashanah papers, to create a weekly routine, visitng my MIL and greet her for a great week....
We'd love to see your interpretation for this great sketch!
Leave us a comment :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gift card holder

I was asked to make a post with a small craft or a recipe.. O- as for the recipe- not me, no way. My DH
is our family cook and I hardly eat- lol.. So craft it is and a very small, but a cute one
I made this  gift card size  altered  box to fit a gift card you can give to your family or friends for any occasion, and  also this one was done with Rosh Ha Shana line and stickers,you can use other paper line and stickers from CJS  and to fit it to any possible occasion too
Hope you like this small project and see your soon again

Sunday, May 15, 2011

63 Independence

Hi, It's Shir and I'm very excited to post my first layout as part of CJS design team!

Few days ago we celebrated Israel's 63 Independence Day and last Friday we celebrated in my little girl's (Mor) kindergarten. After singing, dancing and other activities - each family got a balloon and a piece of paper, in order to make a wish, write it down, attach it to the balloon and release it in the open air.... There were many wishes for Israel that day: Peace, Hope, Love, Health for all, Happiness, etc. I wish Gil'ad Shalit will be able to join his family soon.... What's your wish??

My layout:

Happy Independence day!

I appreciate your comments!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Four Page Layout

Hi, it's Aliza, and I am here to share a scrapbook revelation that I had this year. When beginning to work on a layout, often the first thing I think about is: One page layout or two? Lots of photos or just one or two? A mini album, perhaps? One day I realized, it doesn't have to be any of those! How? Keep reading, and you will soon find out.

I always have a lot of pictures from Purim, and lots of little things that I want to remember. In years past, I made multiple Purim layouts; about costumes, carnivals, baking, mishloach manot, and whatever else struck my fancy about the day. Last year, I decided I wanted to get it all on one layout, and I did. I liked it so much, I did it again this year. And this year, I had the added benefit of making the layout with papers and stickers from the Rosh Hashana line.

I was very pleased with myself for this darling little layout, and was all set to share how to create a grid in Photoshop Elements, and how I used text boxes for all that journaling.

Except. Then I realized that I forgot something. I really wanted to include a little story about my son on the morning of his school Purim carnival. I did not want to start from scratch, and I didn't want to make another 12x12 page. So, I made a 6x8 inch scrapbook page, and I included the story there. On the second side, I simply printed one of the photos again as a 6x8 picture. This 6x8 page will go right in my 12x12 album, right between the two pages that you see above. So, my two page layout, has become a 4 page layout. Like so:

This little technique is especially easy to use when working with a grid layout, as I often do. The smaller page flows so easily with the overall design. I cut an 8.5 x 11 sheet protector, and sewed the edge to make it the right size. (And I'm not one of those cool people with gorgeous stitching on their layouts. I don't have a sewing machine, and I just did the best I could to go in a straight-ish line. But, it suits me just fine.)

Anyway, I was very excited when I realized I had a whole new layout option for telling my stories. I hope it is helpful to you, too.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Hi everyone!  It is Cassie here.  First off I want to start out by saying I hope all you mothers out there have a very wonderful Mother's Day filled with joy, laughter and lots of quality time with your children.

On top of the well wishes for all you mama's I wanted to go ahead and share a layout that I had a really fun time making with the Crafting Jewish Style's Rosh Hashannah line.  I made this layout about Simchat Torah this past year.  I went with my husband to a new synagogue and we had a truly wonderful time while there.  There was dancing and singing.  It was a night of pure fun and celebration.  At the end we unrolled the Torah to be able to look upon it in its entirety and to be able to end the Torah reading of the last year and begin again.  The photo below is just a small section of the Torah, but it is always such an awe inspiring sight.

Happy Mother's Day again to all the moms out there!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Sketch challenge for you

Hello to our dear friends !
I am Irit, one of the new DT for CJS company and today we are going to share  with  you a  great sketch challenge.This gorgeous sketch was done specially for CJS by a very talented sketch artist  Anam Stubbington 

As this is just after Passover time, I decided to scrap Pesach, also we do not take photos during the Seder, we managed to take a few snapshots before...So my mom's Seder plate is this lo's star-LOL..
Here is my page, made with our CJS Passover kit and I just used our Israeli craft letters for a Hebrew title. We celebrated   in Jerusalem with my parents and my trick was to use this " Next year in Jerusalem" for " Jerusalem" only and to make a subtitle of "Pesach in Jerusalem- Apr. 2011", and as a shabby style scrapper- this is a kind of a shabby page with distressing, inking and clusters  of embellishments, so here is my page.
And  here  are another DT pages.
Aliza scrapped this fantastic Passover page with Mazoz on it  with a perfect match to CJS Passover colors
Another  gorgeous Passover page from Julie- made with the same kit. Just look at this lovely photo of old and young generation celebrating our Holidays together.

Cassie  made a Hanukkah lo using our Hanukkah kit and this is a very cute page with this fun doggy
wearing his great outfit.
So now it's your turn. Scrap your Passover week or just your spring vacation with Anam's fabulous sketch and share it with us here, just linking it to the comment section.
We are waiting to see your creations!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yom Hashoah-Zachor

Since scrapbooking is so often about pretty papers and ribbons, about buttons, birthdays, and babies, the thought of connecting Yom Hahshoah and scrapbooking at first rubbed me the wrong way. But almost immediately, I realized how appropriate it would be to use scrapbooking to commemorate this day. Yes, we scrapbook the cute kids, the big events, and even the little moments, but most of all, we are trying to record our memories and our stories. And that, after all, is what Yom Hashoah is about. Zachor. Remember. There is a lot to remember. We remember the tragedy to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. We remember an entire culture that existed and that was destroyed. And, we remember the stories of the people who were lost, and the people who survived.

So it was that I felt inspired to create this page about my father in law, Zvi Deutsch, who passed away 4 years ago. As a child, he escaped Belgium, because of the courageous act of one man, the Portuguese consul in Bordeaux who, against his government's orders, and at the cost of his career, provided visas to 30,000 refugees. My father in law and his immediate family (who had fled to France) were able to leave in time, but so many others that he knew, did not. And, I think it was knowing that he lived when others didn’t that directed the rest of his life. He educated countless people of the horrors that occurred. He wrote about the man who saved his life. And, he always cherished the family he had, especially his grandchildren.

I kept the layout pretty subdued in keeping with the solemnity of the story. I first turned to the Passover collection, probably because Passover is still on my mind, but also because the theme of peace, freedom, and family, all struck me as being in the spirit of the day. But I also used the blue in the background from the Chanukah collection, and the strip of patterned paper in the center is from the Rosh Hashana collection. They are all beautiful and versatile, and made telling this story easy.

What stories can you tell today to commemorate Yom Hashoah?