Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time to create

When I was asked to post a 'home decor' project in here, I knew exactly what I am going to make.
In Qoheleth, the book of Ecclesiastes, there is a beautiful paragraph which talks about time.
לכל זמן ועת לכל חפץ תחת השמים. עת ללדת, ועת למות; עת לטעת, ועת לעקור נטוע.
עת להרוג ועת לרפוא, עת לפרוץ ועת לבנות. עת לבכות ועת לשחוק, עת ספוד ועת רקוד.
עת להשליך אבנים, ועת כנוס אבנים; עת לחבוק, ועת לרחוק מחבק. ועת לבקש ועת לאבד,
לשמור ועת להשליך. עת לקרוע ועת לתפור, עת לחשות ועת לדבר.
עת לאהוב ועת לשנוא, עת מלחמה ועת שלום.
Basically it says that everything in this world has its time and place. time to give birth and time to die, time to build and time to distroy, time to heal and time to kill, time to love and time to hate, time of war and time for peace.
I always wanted to create a nice canvas with this text to hang in my studio, but I just didn't find the time to create such until...few weeks ago, when I was inspired by my talented friend, Revlie, and her cool video about mixed media canvas (http://revlie.typepad.com/revolution/2012/01/its-here-my-video-for-my-mixed-media-canvas-bam.html)
I rolled up my sleeves, got my paint out and got creative. It was so much fun!

(for the backround, I used lots of left overs from my CJS papers and old newspaper)

Have fun, make time to create :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Shabbat Girls

Hi Everyone! 

It's Julie and it's my turn to post my latest layout.  With all the projects, layouts and cards we do using our terrific Crafting Jewish Style papers, there's also lots of scraps.  Well, I've got lots of scraps since I save all the bits and pieces because I never know what it can be used for.  I've also been thinking about doing something with all the strips and this is what I came up with.  On some level, it might seem a little busy with lots of colors but I thought my pictures had some bright colors and my girls were wearing stripes and polka dots.  Luckily, a lot of our CJS papers have stripes and polka dots.  What I also like about this is that I used pieces from all three paper lines so while each line has it's own unique style (Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah and Pesach), they all still can be mixed and work together. 

These are photos when my daughters were Shabbat girls at their pre-school.  The journaling reads "Celebrating Shabbat in your Teddy Bears class.  We light candles, drink grape juice from our kiddush fountain and ate yummy, fresh baked challah".  All the papers are CJS including the maroon matte paper which is the back of the Rosh Hashanah packaging.  I used Sassafras Lass alpha stickers and I embossed the Star of David with embossing powder from Stampin' Up (my favorite).

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Easy wal art

Hello, my dear crafting friends! Irit is here and this time with a fast and fun " Make your wall" tip.
About 2-3 month ago I made a sketch lo here and everyone asked me about this wall I made  for Kotel.
So I made those small samples to show you some ways to make your  painted walls without any fancy template or stamps.
I used those small office stickers for my ATC size samples on some of them and a big, printable, non permanent office stickers for one sample, same as my lo wall.
So here we go:
1. Build a wall using your stickers as shown here
2.Paint all over your paper with some paint. I used Creative Inspirations  Water based paint, but any paint or ink will do. As those are permanent stickers, we can't peel  them off, but they absorb paint better then this semi glossy cardstock, so you can see the wall made.

3. Now another example- with non permanent stickers and  they are just hand torn, painted all over and then peeled off the cardstock. This is the wall I made for my lo shown here before.
4. Another one made with same small stickers and some mist, I also added a few ink drops over it.
Just an example of ATC made with wall base.
And my lo again: made for my American DN Omri Bar- Mitzva photo near Kotel
That's it for this time and hope you are going to make your own Wall art with my samples.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Sketch

Once again we have a great sketch created especially for Crafting Jewish Style by Anam Stubbington. This month's sketch has lots of opportunities for layering papers and adding embellishments. It shows one photo but can be easily extended to include multiple photos.
Maya created this wonderful layout of the candles burning on the last night of Hanukkah. I love her photo of the candles reflected in the window.

Lisa also used photos of her candles burning, but she extended the sketch to include 3 photos.

Here's my interpretation of the sketch. I used one large photo showing our extended family. Can you believe I hosted this many relatives at my house and nothing burned down? I love how our Havdalah set snuck into front of the picture.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Hanukkah!

It's Shir and I want to show you the last layout I created.
I took picture from last year's 8th candle - I tried to make an artistic picture there... :-)
Anyway - the layout was deeply inspired (sort of scraplifting) by this layout. Isn't it gorgeous?
I usually don't use glimmer mist, but this time - after choosing the white cardstock as background, I felt I MUST spray it and change its clean look.
Mor, my young daughter, loves orange (and red & yellow, because if you mix them you'll get her favorite color) - so I guess she chose the colors of the candles that day.
Anyway - I think these gorgeous papers makes a great contrast to the candles (and buttons) colors.
I hope you had a happy Hanukka and I hope I won't wait till next year for this year's pictures :-)

What do you think?
I would love to read your comments!