Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gift card holder

I was asked to make a post with a small craft or a recipe.. O- as for the recipe- not me, no way. My DH
is our family cook and I hardly eat- lol.. So craft it is and a very small, but a cute one
I made this  gift card size  altered  box to fit a gift card you can give to your family or friends for any occasion, and  also this one was done with Rosh Ha Shana line and stickers,you can use other paper line and stickers from CJS  and to fit it to any possible occasion too
Hope you like this small project and see your soon again


  1. Cute! Would be great at this time of the year for a graduation gift.

  2. Very cute!! I agree...I would LOVE to see a Mazel Tov line of papers! (hint hint!)