Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer is in the air

I just love the summer and since I live in Holland, I love it even more. It isn't too long and mostly not that warm, but when the sun is out and it is getting hot, we try to make the most out of it. I enjoy outdoor activities, especially when it involves lots of water, and as you can see, so do my kids :)
I made two layouts capturing those fun moments. One is 8.5X11 and one 12X12.
I combined the Hannukah line with the Rosh Hashanah line together and created a mixture of summery colors.

enjoy your summer,


  1. Awesome layouts-I love the way youv'e gotten so many pictures on each page and you tell your "summer story"!

  2. you are so amazing with your scrapbboking. you just get the job done. "kol hakovod"!

  3. wow!!! love the layouts!