Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chag Sameach!

Hi everyone, Juls here.  I hope this finds everyone enjoying Spring Break and hopefully not too crazy getting ready for your seder on Friday night. 

My project to share with you today is a wine holder that can be used on your seder table.  With 4 glasses of wine multiplied by a few drinkers, a bit of wine is consumed as we celebrate our Exodus.  I created this wine holder/coaster and it was really simple and fun.  I used a plain wood box that I bought at Joann's and just used the bottom half.  I wanted to put the top on the bottom to create a little more dimension but the top wasn't flat so it wouldn't sit flat on the table.  Oh well, I'll look for a flat top box next time. 

Anyway, I cut out a 4x4 piece from the Four Fab Cups paper and cut out the 4 glasses. 
That's what's on the bottom.  I used 4 pieces of the backside of Four Fab Cups  to line the inside.  I cut the strip of the pink wine glasses from the Tags and Border paper and glued those on the sides of each of the Pesach Dots paper which line the outside.  Then I cut out 4 words from the Family Together paper.  Glued everything down with Mod Podge and a couple of top coats to seal it in and make it shiny and voila!  A nice holder for you seder bottle of wine.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday filled with lots of family, fun and matzoh!!

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