Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time to create

When I was asked to post a 'home decor' project in here, I knew exactly what I am going to make.
In Qoheleth, the book of Ecclesiastes, there is a beautiful paragraph which talks about time.
לכל זמן ועת לכל חפץ תחת השמים. עת ללדת, ועת למות; עת לטעת, ועת לעקור נטוע.
עת להרוג ועת לרפוא, עת לפרוץ ועת לבנות. עת לבכות ועת לשחוק, עת ספוד ועת רקוד.
עת להשליך אבנים, ועת כנוס אבנים; עת לחבוק, ועת לרחוק מחבק. ועת לבקש ועת לאבד,
לשמור ועת להשליך. עת לקרוע ועת לתפור, עת לחשות ועת לדבר.
עת לאהוב ועת לשנוא, עת מלחמה ועת שלום.
Basically it says that everything in this world has its time and place. time to give birth and time to die, time to build and time to distroy, time to heal and time to kill, time to love and time to hate, time of war and time for peace.
I always wanted to create a nice canvas with this text to hang in my studio, but I just didn't find the time to create such until...few weeks ago, when I was inspired by my talented friend, Revlie, and her cool video about mixed media canvas (http://revlie.typepad.com/revolution/2012/01/its-here-my-video-for-my-mixed-media-canvas-bam.html)
I rolled up my sleeves, got my paint out and got creative. It was so much fun!

(for the backround, I used lots of left overs from my CJS papers and old newspaper)

Have fun, make time to create :)