Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home Decor-Jewish Style:

Hi All!

It's Aliza here. I hope you are all enjoying your summer, and that you are getting a chance to relax. Me, not so much, yet. But in a few more days I'll be finished with work (teaching), and then it's off to Israel for seven weeks! During that time, we plan to spend time with family, see the country, celebrate my son's Bar Mitzvah, and I am dreaming of some down time in which to craft, craft, craft. My mom already covered her dining room table so I can scrapbook there. Thanks, Mom!

I'm glad I got to whip up this little number for you all before the big trip. Can't you just see it hanging in a small child's room?

I used papers and elements from the Chanukah and Rosh Hashana collection, and I love the way the blues and oranges complement each other (really, they say nice things to each other all the time). The Hebrew font is Pecan_Sonc_Hebrew Regular. I use it all the time.

Here's to great summer! Enjoy!



  1. this is beautiful! I love how the colors work together

  2. Wow! Gorgeous! 2 questions- How did you print the Hebrew words in that size and color?
    What punch or cartridge did you use for the butterflies?

    Mazel tov on the Bar Mitzvah and have a great trip!

  3. Happy to have discovered your blog. This is gorgeous!

  4. I printed the hebrew words in photoshop elements, so I could play with size. And the butterflies are Martha Stewart punches.

  5. Wow Aliza! That's absolutely beautiful! I have that Martha Stewart punch too. I should use it. LOL.

  6. Just lovely! Great font too. We use another ones, more simple, need to try this one

  7. gergous! you gave me a nice idea for a gift...