Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Folded Flower Tutorial

Hey it is Cassie.  I was just stopping by to show you how to make these great folded flowers.  They are easy to make and use only tools that most paper crafters have on hand. 

You will need:
  • double sided patterned paper or cardstock (you can also ink or mist the back of single sided patterned paper)
  • a circle punch or other circle cutter (any size will do, but the bigger the circles the bigger the flower)
  • adhesive 
  • a button, gem or other center for the flower.
Step 1:
Using your punch or circle cutter cut out 8 identical circles from your paper or card stock.  Remember the larger the circles the bigger your flower will be and vice versa.  If you want to ink the flower or to add some distressing now is the time to do it.  Just ink and distress the circles.

Step 2:
For each circle fold the circle in half. 

Step 3:

 Unfold the circle and then fold it in half the other way so the other fold line crosses the center of the first.

Step 4:

Unfold the circle again.  There should now be 4 sections to the circle  In the bottom 2 sections of the circle fold the curve in till it makes a straight line on the bottom.  The line should go to just the edge of the two fold lines of that section.

Step 5:
Flip the circle over onto it's back and then fold the flat lines you just folded into the center line of the circle until they meet in the middle.  This will be one of your petals.  Repeat all these steps on each of your circles to get all 8 petals. 

Step 6:
 Using your adhesive pace one flower petal on your project.  In a progression around the circle continue to add one petal at a time directly next to the another one.  Take care to put the petals end to end and not to leave too much space between the petals or to squish then together too closely.  This will ruin the spacing of your flower and you may not be able to fit all your petals in correctly.  Continue until all petals are on your project and your flower is complete.
Add the desired center to your flower with some adhesive and your flower is ready to go.


  1. Thanks Cassie! The flower is beautiful-it loos like oragami. I love the easy step-by-step tutorial.

  2. I'm always completely lame with how to make flowers and this is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that great technique.

  3. Love those folded flowers! Great tutorial!