Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Latkes anyone?

Tonight we will light the last Hanukkah candle. Another Festival of Lights will end, leaving us with happy memories, gifts, menorahs to clean and ..... pictures. Of course! If you are like me, your will find on your memory card endless pictures of candles, menorahs, hands, dreidels, donuts, latkes and more candles. Time to scrap at lest some of those pictures and capture those happy memories.

Latkes are big in our house. I like them with sour cream (my girls ate them one year with sugar, but don't tell anyone!) . I decided that latkes deserve a layout on their own. Those are from last year. This year latkes are still on my memory card but surprisingly they look just the same.

I wanted to use the numbers paper from my Hanukkah kit but the colors were too bold. I solved this by layering 2 sheets of vellum on top of the paper and stitching around. I added white punched scallop border (reminds me of sour cream) and layered it on top of light teal scallop border. Few white pearls and journaling strips and my layout is done!

All paper here, except the vellum, are from Crafting Jewish Style Hanukkah kit!

How do you like your latkes? Please share! Don't forget - you still have a chance to enter into the big prize drawing just by leaving a comment.


  1. Love mine with applesauce! Talia

  2. Oh, YUM!!! Yes, please!!! I'll take mine just plain , thanks :)

  3. Love your layout! I love sour cream, but for some reason I didn't buy any this year. I usually make cranberry sauce with them too, and buy apple sauce for the boys.

  4. LOVE latkes (and your LO!) - I put sour cream and applesauce on mine