Saturday, November 13, 2010

Planning for Hanukkah!

I don't know about you, but planning for Hanukkah definitely takes some work for me.  Besides the fact that it usually falls during our school year, there are just so many events that are related to the holiday.  From Family Parties to our Annual Tzedakah Night, to Temple Services, there is a lot that happens in one week.  So this year I vowed to hit the holiday with a plan in action.  And to help me with this, I created a simple Hanukkah Planner with our Hanukkah papers and embellishments to keep me organized.

These type of planners come together so quickly as they use a simple file folder as the base.
As you can see, you simply open up the file folder, fold the bottom up and the sides in. I trimmed off the file tabs so that my planner was purely rectangular, but you can leave them if you like them.  I also added a strip of double sided tape to the outside pockets just to close them up.
 You can create whatever direction folds you desire, I chose to have the right hand panel be the back and the rest to fold into each other so that my calendar was the first visible panel.  I then left one panel empty and added a clip in case I make extra lists I'd like to add.  There is a pocket for reciepts and coupons, another for shopping lists, another for gift lists and lastly for menus.  I found the printables HERE.  I simply trimmed the bottom of my lists so that the URL wasn't on them.  They are very nice generic lists and you may find even more useful lists in their gallery (such as Holiday Card Lists).  They print up 3 to a page and are the perfect size for this style planner. 
For the cover, I selected my papers and glued the ribbon under the papers all the way around the planner so that it could tie at the open edge.  Very easy to do and with an extra piece of double sided tape on the outside edge where the ribbon comes out, it is very sturdy.  I can toss my planner in my purse and take it with me so everything is where it belongs, reciepts, coupons and lists.  I am actually excited to go shopping for Hanukkah now as I know I will be well prepared.  And as an added bonus, I'll have a record of what I did for next year! 
Hope you enjoy my Hanukkah planner.  Email me with any questions you may have in making your own and enjoy Hanukkah series!


  1. Lisa-great way to stay organized!So cute and practical!

  2. I'm a big organizer so I really love this idea! Wonderful job, Lisa!

  3. This is really cute! I've got about 4 different emails that I keep my Hanukkah notes on and I mail them to myself every time I make a change. It's strange, but I like that it's accessible at work and at home!