Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hostess Gift

During Hanukkah, and this time of year in general, we often find ourselves leaving the house without a hostess gift in hand. In these cases, we often grab a nice bottle of wine to bring. To make them look less like a last minute gift, I keep a stash of wine bottle tags, which I can quickly use to dress-up the bottle.

I made these festive tags using the Hanukkah collection; adding a simple loop made with regular or curly ribbon. I know many paper-crafters are not fond of curly ribbon, but I feel it adds a certain festive feel. My tags are all backed with white cardstock, so we can write our names or a quick message on the back.

I also made an extra tag using this lovely wine-glass paper strip from the Passover collection. This tag can be used for Thanksgiving, general holiday gatherings, or saved until Passover.

Making tags is fun and easy, and a great way to use up scraps!


  1. So cute! Great idea about keeping a stash of the tags on hand!

  2. Such a pretty way to dress up a generic gift and make it personal.

  3. I really love the one from the Passover collection! And I also think curly ribbon gives things a very festive feel. :)