Saturday, April 16, 2011

Passover Tasks

While preparing for Passover this year, I decided that I needed some help organizing the "help" during the Seder.  My girls actually love to help with the Seder (I think they just like an excuse to get up from the table) so I created this little Task Jar using the Passover papers and a little repurposed jar. 
I printed out some of the tasks of the Seder on paper and created little slips like this:

So each of the children willl pull one task from the jar and each child will have an important job to do during our Seder!  
Some of the tasks the children help with are :
Serve Eggs
Serve Gefilte Fish
Clear Egg and Fish Plates
Clear Soup Bowls
Clear Dinner Dishes
Clear Dessert Dishes
Collect Haggadot and Props

You can personalize your own Task Cards with what you feel your children are capable of doing.  I personally don't like my children to help with the China and Wine Glasses so now they will have tasks that make them feel like they are helping without fighting over the tasks. :)

Last year we did our Seder outside on our patio.  I  had to create some vases that were low enough to see over for the table without having to use my Waterford Crystal that I use for "good" inside. So I made little place cards to hang from everyone's Wine Carafe and repurposed "vases" made from Coffee Cans using the same Passover papers.

This year, why not get creative with your Passover papers and create some Seder Helpers for your dinner?  Be sure to share with us if you do, and we would love to hear about how you have the children help with the Seder, too!


  1. Love the idea of the seder in the patio. And the coffee can vases--very appropriate for Pesach (I presume they are Maxwell House coffee cans!)

  2. great idea, love that photo of your outdoor table

  3. Love Your Seder decor! So beutiful to have an outdoor seder.
    We give the children jobs and little prizes or treats to keep them involved at the seder.
    Thanks for the gorgeous post. Have a hapy Passover!