Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dayh 5: Kosher Wines

With Hannukah coming up, there will be a lot of opportunities to bring house gifts and entertain guests. During Jewish holidays, I always choose to bring kosher wines, both to respect the holiday and support the kosher winegrowers. Kosher wine has come a long way from the square bottles that our parents drank. There are now wineries making kosher wines all over the world: Israel, California, France, South Africa, Portugal, and other places. Here are a few that we have enjoyed recently.

We discovered this Sforno Cabernet Sauvignon from Israel last Passover. We enjoyed it so much we went back to the store to stock up before they sold out.

I discovered this Red by W when I was shopping for High Holiday wines. This red blend from Weinstock vineyards is surprisingly inexpensive and very drinkable for the price. At under $10, this is a great choice for a casual family dinner at home, and since it's kosher it's perfect for a Shabbos dinner as well.

If you are into numerology and want to bring a special house gift, this Hai wine from Israel is perfect, and enjoyable to drink too.

Finally, if you're not able to drink alcohol, too young, or just not interested, there are still ways to enjoy the festivities of kosher wine at the holidays. We often serve the Kedem kosher sparkling grape juice which comes in a variety of grapes, such as the Merlot shown here. This festive beverage looks beautiful and is really tasty.

For the 5th day of our 8 crazy nights, we want to know what you think about kosher wines. What is your favorite kosher beverage? Share your suggestions here for a chance to be entered in the Hanukkah grand prize drawing.


  1. As I live in Israel- every vine is kosher- so I drink coffee! Really!I can't drink alcohol, so it's grape drink only..

  2. We don't keep kosher, but when we lived in California we liked Gan Eden vineyards - the wine is excellent regardless of dietary observances!

  3. As with Irit, I too live in Israel, so all wine is kosher :)
    I don't drink much wine, but if I do it's Muscato - a sweet sparkling wine!