Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 4: Homemade Hanukkah Menorahs

Welcome to the day 4 of our Hanukkah celebration! Hope your Shabbat was a peaceful one.
Today we will talk about Hanukkah Menorahs or as we say in Hebrew - Hanukkiah. Lightning the Menorah is the highlight of Hanukkah and that's why they are so important. You can find some very simple ones and you can find some gorgeous Menorahs designed by artists. But you also can make a Menorah at home. Nothing puts you in the holiday mood like working on your own Menorah!

You can start with baby food jar Menorah or blocks Menorah. There are plenty of tutorials for making Menorah from wooden blocks including an adorable blocks Menorah from Creative Jewish Mom and this cute Menorah from Hadasah Young Women website

Image by Hadassah Young Women

Another cute and simple version uses glass tea light holders and tissue paper. You can find a detailed tutorial by Diane Gilleland for Craftzine here

Mazo Ball Soup shares lots of great Hanukkah crafts including clay Menorah. Another great clay Menorah with instructions can be found at

Image by

If a trip to hardware store is on your agenda you can make this dazzling Menorah from a piece of wood and few nuts.
Image by

Or you can make this cool industrial looking Menorah from pipe fittings!

If you want to be more artistic, Inna's Creations has few detailed posts on how to make gorgeous menorahs from clay. Check this adorable Menorah with bugs and flowers, or houses Menorah, or even flying saucer Menorah! I think my favorite is this jags Menorah - so easy and so cute.

Do you have any special homemade menorah? Or maybe you are inspired by one of the tutorials and want to make one this year. Please share! We would love to hear your ideas and see your creations! Remember all comments are entered into two prize drawings!


  1. Maya, all these menorah ideas are great! I love taking out the menorahs my kids crafted, out of small tiles, when they were in preschool.

  2. I still keep some of Hanukiot my 4 kids did in school- the best ones.. But I just use one great for real- homemade by a metal Israeli artist.
    The ones here are fantastic- full of colors and light

  3. My kids are little, so we make non-lightable menorahs out of the paper tubes in toiletpaper rolls and paper towel rolls. They love it - we paint them and then decorate them with stickers, stamps, and glitter. We make "candles" from pipe cleaners and pompoms, and each night they get to add a candle.

  4. Wish I had seen this sooner. Here's the one I made with my kindergartner: