Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Easy wal art

Hello, my dear crafting friends! Irit is here and this time with a fast and fun " Make your wall" tip.
About 2-3 month ago I made a sketch lo here and everyone asked me about this wall I made  for Kotel.
So I made those small samples to show you some ways to make your  painted walls without any fancy template or stamps.
I used those small office stickers for my ATC size samples on some of them and a big, printable, non permanent office stickers for one sample, same as my lo wall.
So here we go:
1. Build a wall using your stickers as shown here
2.Paint all over your paper with some paint. I used Creative Inspirations  Water based paint, but any paint or ink will do. As those are permanent stickers, we can't peel  them off, but they absorb paint better then this semi glossy cardstock, so you can see the wall made.

3. Now another example- with non permanent stickers and  they are just hand torn, painted all over and then peeled off the cardstock. This is the wall I made for my lo shown here before.
4. Another one made with same small stickers and some mist, I also added a few ink drops over it.
Just an example of ATC made with wall base.
And my lo again: made for my American DN Omri Bar- Mitzva photo near Kotel
That's it for this time and hope you are going to make your own Wall art with my samples.