Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holiday Traditions

Every family has traditions. In my family, we always made hamantaschen. My mother would mix the dough, my father would roll the dough, and my sister and I would fill the Hamantaschen. As soon as my children were old enough, I started this tradition in our family. However, when both children were diagnosed with a Gluten intolerance, this tradition just seemed too difficult to continue. Over the past year, we have gotten used to eating without wheat and I have become more adventurous with non-wheat flours. So this year, I decided to start the tradition again. The results were delicious.

I used the Crafting Jewish Style Hanukkah papers to scrap the experience. We had many unexpected challenges, including a broken oven, so there was a lot to journal. I have a large format printer and I used it to print the journaling directly onto the background paper.

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