Sunday, April 15, 2012

Passover Highlights

We had a lovely passover this year...I chose to create a layout with all my favorite highlights of the two nights of seder that we enjoyed and went with a simple grid to keep the focus on the photos.  I let the "freedom dove" paper work for me a bit and used it for my background and cut up another piece to popdot the title and dove.  I cut words out of the "family together" paper and pop dotted those on a few photos, too. 

All in all a simple but elegant layout with highlights of the year.  Hope you all enjoyed your Pesach and made some special family memories!


  1. Love this grid design with the circle on top!

  2. Lisa - I notice these are all your instagram pictures... did you print them? I was thinking of blogging mine too so I am curious


  3. Andrea, most of them were instagram photos (not all), and yes, I printed them at home! I have the ability to print them straight from my iPhone but I chose to email them to myself and save them to Picasa so I could print them at wallet size (which is smaller than they print straight from my phone). Hope that helps!!

  4. LOL scrapping not blogging - don't know why I typed that since I don't blog.... glad to hear they came out well :) I've been printing small pictures lately too....


  5. What a fun LO's. Love all those instagram pictures.