Sunday, March 11, 2012

Purim layout

It's Shir and I want to show you the last layout I created.
Every Purim I create a layout from last year's picture... It's too early to print this years pictures, and I can always find pictures from last year...
Anyway - Mor wanted (insisted) to be a cop. It was surprising. We expected her to be a princess, a fairy, or any other costume with dress and/or wings :-)
After I bought her the uniform and few accessories.
The next step was to put a picture in her badge - that's not a problem for someone like me, who has tons of pictures :-)
Then, she wanted a horse (!). I didn't want to buy a horse for 1 day, so I decided to create a "scrappy horse": I cut a horse head shape, adhered grosgrain ribbon to create a bridle and added a brad, buttons as eyes and I tied knots of yarn for mane...

Now you have to wait a whole year for this years pictures.... Maybe not :-)
I appreciate your comments....

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  1. She is the most adorable cop! :) Love how you doodle around the circles!