Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Summer

Can you believe it's the first full day of summer and I'm still scrapping my Passover photos? This photos are from the seder at my in-laws apartment in New York City. The photos are poor because the light was streaming in through the window, but you can still get a glimpse of their beautiful view. We don't take photos during the ceremony so we take a nice posed photo before we sit down.

I used lots of glue dots to hold the pleats in the ribbon. It's an easy way to add some dimension and a fun look.

Have a great summer and keep checking back for Hanukkah in July!


  1. Great layout! Love the punched border!

  2. Love the layout! Love the colors, book spine with lock (how cute is that), punched border and the pleated ribbon. Definitely a "scrap lift"!

  3. What a pretty LO! Especially the border punch and the pleating is great. I always forget about that. Beautiful!