Sunday, March 13, 2011

Purim Contest and Fun With Crafting Jewish Style

photo courtesy: Crafting Jewish by Rivky Koenig

Purim is just around the corner! On Sunday we'll be busy with megillah reading/story of Esther, costumes, delivering mishloach manot, and Purim parties.
Look here for more information about the Purim story.
To add to the Purim merriment were having a grand Purim giveaway. Our mishloch manot to you, is a basket full of scrapbooking goodies.
Enter by sending us pictures of how you celebrate Purim. We'd love to see and post your great costumes and/or mishloach manot. Do you have a fun Purim layout or card? We'd love to see them too!
(Or take the easy way out and leave a comment to this post. Become a follower and you'll be entered twice!)
The Giveaway contest end on March 31, 2011-Time enough for you to get some great Purim pictures to us!

photo courtesy: Crafting Jewish by Rivky Koenig

If you haven't got your costume act together, then the following project from the book Crafting Jewish, is just for you. This cape couldn't be simpler to make and can be adapted for an assortment of costumes. Be it a princess, king, queen, superman, little red riding hood.... You can literally make this cape in ten minutes and it looks gorgeous. Just take a large square of fabric, cut slits in it, and thread ribbon through it. Then, have the kids decorate it with rickrack, ribbon, glitter.

36×36-inch piece of felt (sold in packages at most craft stores, including Michael's)
Tape measure
Straight pins
Sharp scissors
48-inch length of 1-2-inch-wide ribbon
4 yards 1-inch-wide rickrack or 2-4 yards marabou or fake fur trim
Fabric glue, or glue gun and glue sticks

1.Place the felt onto a flat surface. On one side of the felt square, measure and fold over a 5x 36-inch section. Pin the folded section to the remaining felt with straight pins, to hold in place.

2.Use the sharp scissors to cut 1-inch slits into the folded felt: cut 20 slits spaced approximately 2 inches apart.

3.Remove the pins and unfold the felt. There will be 2-inch slits. Weave the ribbon through the slits. The part that folds over will form the collar of the cape.

4.Cut a length of approximately 50-52 inches of rickrack or marabou to fit around the outer edge of the collar of the cape. Use fabric glue or glue gun and glue sticks to attach the rickrack to the edge of the collar. Fold the rickrack at a 45 degree angle when you reach a corner and continue gluing.

5.Turn the cape over and hot glue the rest of the rickrack around the edge of the cape, not including the collar area (When the cape is worn the collar will be facing down).

Note: To make the cape longer or shorter using the same size of felt, increase or decrease the length of the collar.

How do you celebrate Purim? Do you and/or your kids dress up? Do you go with store bought or handmade costumes? Does your mishloach manot match your costume?

Give us some feedback and you'll be entered in the giveaway.



  1. Such cute photos!We had a Purim carnival at our synagogue last Sunday which was great fun! There is a Megillah reading this weekend but it might be too late at night for my kids. We need to start baking our Hamantaschen soon!

  2. Very busy time here, too! We will see if we can pull off naps for the little guys on Shabbat afternoon in order for them to go to megillah reading! :)