Sunday, October 3, 2010

An Eventful New Year

Rosh HaShanah seems like it should be an uneventful holiday: you eat, you go to synagogue, you eat some more, etc. There isn't really much chance for things to happen. Or, so you would think. However, this year we had quite an eventful holiday: my son had an allergic reaction to a challah, we discovered a new synagogue, and we walked into a TV photo shoot while trying to do Tashlich. I would like to scrap some of these events, but since I don't have any photos I'm still pondering exactly how to aproach it.

Meanwhile I've started scrapping the holiday photos that I do have. Every year, we try to go apple picking just before Rosh HaShanah. As my son gets older, the fall gets busier, and it gets trickier to schedule. However, this year the holidays were so early that we were able to pick our high holiday apples on Labor Day.

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